Ed with one of his new pieces called “The Gladiator ”

Gross is a visionary artist working in metal.  He uses found objects that he repurposes into both decorative and functional art.  The timeworn beauty of old farm implements, metal, and found objects that Gross has collected over 25 years helps form the vision for his work. He was a winner of a 2014 b-grant from the Baker Foundation and his work was exhibited along with other Baker award winners at the Baltimore Museum of Art,  September 16–November 15, 2015.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ed, please contact him at (301) 509-1171 or Ed welcomes art gallery invites, commissions, studio visits, news stories, and collaboration with other artists.

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Ed Gross outside of his studio.



Ed Gross inside his studio with a collection of his work.



The ReNEWable Artifacts Gallery with a collection of Ed Gross’ work.



What’s Behind Door #1? – 2016

Horney French Trombone Player -2015

The Horney French Trombone Player – 2016


The Legend of One Eyed Mike – 2016 – Commission for One Eyed Mikes in Fells Point, Maryland-




Good Day Sunshine – 2015



The Answer – 2011.


3D Metal Collage 55 – 2014.



3D Metal Collage 57 – 2014.


Funky Light 1

Funky Lamp I – 2015.



3D Metal Collage 13 – 2011.