Baker Artists Exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art – September 16- November 15, 2015


Below are some images of my work at BMA Opening of the 2014 and 2015 Baker Artists Award winner exhibition- September 17th, 2015.

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Here is an overview of all the Baker Artist Award Winners produced by 

On May 1st the 2014 Baker Artist Awards recipients were announced on “Artworks” on MPT.  I was so pleased to have been selected as one of the three b-grant prize winners. More specifically, I am the recipient of the Semmes G. Walsh b-grant award. Here is link to the broadcast announcing the winners- 

The Baker Artist Awards serves artists of all disciplines who live and work in Baltimore City and its five surrounding counties. The website and awards were established by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund and is a program of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.

Here is link to my Baker Arts Award submission-



He are some thoughts regarding my path to the the opening reception of the 2014 and 2015 Baker Artists Award winners at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was one of most exhilarating experiences in my whole life to be included with the other Baker winners in this show. When I saw my work on the walls and floor of a museum, let alone the BMA, it was an amazing feeling. My photo was on the wall as well, along with the story of my art. WOW!!!!

As many of you know I was a meteorologist for fifty years and have been creating my art for around 25 years. But, today art is my passion and I work daily at my studio in the 1906 Crown, Cork and Seal Complex in Highlandtown, Maryland.

One of the most exhilarating aspects about transitioning your life after a long and wonderful career has been the people whom I have met that helped and encouraged me along the way. My wife Linda has a great influence on my interests in art and the arts. She has many talents as an artist and we are planning to collaborate on some new work.

Here are some of the people who also helped:

The late Leonard Cave, a multitalented artist who introduced me to found object art and to my first scrap iron yard (Montgomery Scrap Iron) in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The later Roy Loun whose family has operated a scrap iron yard for over 100 years. Roy would point me in the direction of some turn of the 20th century farm equipment and I dug then up. He would then explain how they were used. Not too many guys from the Bronx ever saw farm equipment or a farm for that matter. He set aside old wheels and other things aside for me as I went to his place in Kemptown, Maryland regularly during my major artifact hunts.

Mike Patton-   An multitalented artist and teacher who took me into his studio at 302 S. Central along with my ton of metal and sculptures when we moved to Bmore in 2001. He has been a good friend and mentor.

George Murrell – An artist and friend whom I shared a studio with for over a decade. Watching George work through the years helped me in my learning process. We also learned how to deal with our political differences by not talking politics. George lowered Rush and I lowered NPR on our radios- our détente.

Felicia Zannino- Baker- Felicia owns the “Highlandtown Gallery” and provided me my first opportunities to show my work in Highlandtown. She is a good friend who helped open many doors.

The Fells Point Post Office line– I want to thank the Fells Point post office for having one of the slowest moving lines in Baltimore. It gave me enough time to meet Scott Buckholder.

Scott Buckholder –As the story unfolds, Scott was standing behind me on that line and was impressed that an old man like me could use an iPhone. After introductions we began to talk about everything from the art scene in Baltimore and many other activities that were of interest too me. He even told me to put in for a Baker Award and introduced me to many other people who helped me along the way. He and his wife Jenn are two of our closest friends.

Brooke and Justin Allen- Scott introduced me to Brooke and Justine when they were creating websites and starting WhatWeekly. They created my fab website and introduced me to other artists and friends in the area.

Jordan Faye Block- I participated in my first city exhibit  in one of Jordan’s Salon Series. It afforded me an opportunity to both display my work as well as meeting and learning from the other artists participating in the event

The Magical David London- Need I say more. David is a good friend.

Jeff Martin- Photographer and friend who runs the Skyloft Gallery in Highlandtown.  I have exhibited my work in the gallery as part of his AITC (Art in the City) and Jeff has photographed some of my work.

There are many others that helped along the way.

During the last few years’ collaboration has become an important aspect of my art education. I have been lucky to meet and work with some talented artist in the area and look forward to future collaborations. What a a great way to learn.

Michael Owen -He is a wonderful artist and muralist, best know for the Baltimore Love Project. He and I collaborated over the past winter on some very interesting cool pieces and plan some more this winter. I have learned a great deal watching Michael work and talking with him.

Michael Metcalf – A visionary artist and man of many skills, who built the gallery in my studio. We talk all the time about art and interesting projects ahead.

Chad Omweg- Chad makes very interesting furniture and functional art. He has a studio around the corner from mine and he has not only helped me, but has taught me a great deal about welding and other things related to my work and skill levels. He also welds some of my ideas together.

Jill Orloff- Besides working as an architect, Jill creates some amazing functional art using found objects and her great imagination. We also plan to collaborate on some work this year.

Finally, I want to thank again the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund , the Baltimore Community Foundation, the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and the Baltimore Museum of Art for making this exhibition possible and so special for all of us. And, thanks to all my friends who supported and helped me getting there.


About the ReNEWable ARTifacts Gallery : I moved into the Crown Cork and Seal Complex in 2003 and have produced a large inventory of work which I had scattered everywhere in my large studio. I had shows from time to time and people love the studio and the whole industrial complex, but viewing my work was not an easy process. And it was not a conducive environment to sell much. I had decided that this is the year to begin to market my work in earnest, instead of just working all the time which is my desire.  Well low and behold, I met Michael Metcalf , who is an amazing visionary artist and a jack of all trades. Michael began working with me after the first of the year and now the space has turned into a gallery.

The Grand Opening of the ReNEWable ARTifacts Gallery was on held on April 11-12, 2014 with exhibits of my work along with my wife Linda, and local artists in the area. Stay tuned as we plan out upcoming exhibits by checking in on the websites home page for the latest information.

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