Ed Gross Art

My Mantra : At first I was a meteorologist who did art and now I am an artist that did meteorology.

When I discovered art it changed my worldly outlook. I retired from the government in 1997 after 37 years of service and then spent another 10 years in the private sector. In 2007 I realized that the technology as well outpaced my knowledge base and all I wanted to do was make things.

I spent the past 30 years scouring junk yards and found many fantastic gems. I was picking before the pickers were picking. And each gem became the focus on a piece of new work that I would create. I call my work ReNEWable ARTifacts. 

I was fortunate to win a Baker Artist award in 2014 and had my work exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art. In 2001 I was elected a Fellow of the American Meteorology Society.