Since 2019 I have been focusing on my Garden Works ,as well as techniques which allow me to hang my collages outdoor. Using an Acrylic Gloss sealer for the wood backing and a acrylic spray for the front —–these pieces can hang beautifully on outdoor walls on patios. I also had a commission to produce a music conductor for my friends which is called Clive Cheltenham. This is one example of how my works will look in your garden.

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I began working on a series that I call ArtDoors. I began working on this series when I was given a gymnasium locker door and was asked to make something with it. That resulted in ArtDoor #1 and stopped at ArtDoor #20 just as the Covid19 pandemic began.

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3D Metal Collage

I began to move away from my sculpture period and began to exploring the use of copper ,copper Marquetry and other found elements in my work.

It all started when I purchased a truck full of old patined copper downsproject and other copper roofing elements. I then aquired over 120 feet of 20in wide copper roofing material found in the rafters of our friends Yellow Barn Farm. The amazing thing that I found was that the otherside was painted a milk red and dated back to the late 1800’s. These two materials , the greenish colored copper and the red painted copper , became the base foundation my new work. Last year I completed a series which I called RoofTop Views which incorporates piece of rusted corregated metal along with all the other found objects that I have around my studio. Today I am working with old copper and employing marquetry techniques constructed around a found object.

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Indoor Art: 1995-2020

This series of indoor sculptures include totems which were made using wood from an old cherry tree that I had taken down and milled from my old home in Takoma Park, MD. Farm pieces and other renewable artifacts are integrated into this work.

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Functional: 1995-2020

My functional art period began early in my exploration period – making lamps, mirrors and tables using a variety of found objects that I had in my studio. A friend of mine was rebuilding an old log cabin and I became the receipient of the ends of the logs. The logs are oak and from and old Indiana log cabin. I then clean the logs, and cut them to size for cocktail tables and lamps. The copper is incorporated into each piece. For the first time I am also doing commissions for the tables and lamps.

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